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Terms and Conditions

Order Approval

Once an order has been placed on, an email will be sent from a lighting design planner. This email will ask you several questions re the item that you are wishing to purchase. The lighting design planner will review your answers to help determine that your selection is properly suited to the environment. Receiving an email confirmation for an order does not automatically mean that Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. accepts said order and is not a confirmation of commitment to sell the mentioned goods. Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse to do business with a customer and/or to set a limit of quantity for any item of an order.

Out of Stock Product

Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. cannot guarantee the availability of products offered on the site. At any time before if you wish to cancel an order placed on line with, you must contact internet customer service at If the order can be cancelled with the supplier without cost, Marchand Electric will cancel your order. Otherwise, you will be given the option to still cancel the order but with the associated costs as stated in the return policy. Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. will never be responsible for any damage you may have suffered due to a stockout.

Product Information

Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. and its affiliates do everything in their power to ensure the greatest accuracy on the site. However, Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. cannot guarantee that the description of products or any other content on is exact, complete, reliable, up to date or error-free.


Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. prices our products in Canadian dollars, with added applicable taxes. All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in Canadian dollars. Marchand Electric Co. Ltd. reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. The pricing policies of are independent of those of its competitors. Marchand Electric Co. Ltd may offer pricing that is different from the virtual store and there may be promotions that are exclusive to the virtual store and others that are exclusive to the three locations of Marchand Electric Co. Ltd.

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